Live Performance: “Las Repúblicas” Claudia Hilda, contemporary dance

Sunday, April 14, 2024
No charge
Reservations required


Generously supported by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Beyer

Las Repúblicas is an innovative contemporary dance project that aims to inform about political bodies and amplify their voices through critical thinking, metaphor, and beauty. This creation invites the audience to dive into dynamic, insightful, and sensual dance experience, which will delve into common issues such as the arbitrary and unregulated exercise of power and, consequently, the constant migrations of people from their original lands. This show proposes to translate through gestural and visual codes the common symbologies of individual and collective bodies that struggle for autonomy, and freedom; and will also underline the importance of community as a safe destination in new geographies.

The beautiful articulation of the performance, together with the dancers’ exquisite physical and interpretative technique will ensure a magical experience of intellectual, visual, and spiritual delight.

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Claudia Hilda, choreographer and director
Kenzo Carrion, dancer and choreographer
Leyna González Silva, dancer
Leidy Torres, dancer
Daniela Cepero, dancer
Kelvisleidy Reinoso, dancer
Andres Ascanio Pérez, dancer
Hector David Rosales, filmmaker
José Gavilondo, multi-instrumentalist, photographer and visual artist
Yasel Muñoz, flutist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist

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