Lecture: Contemporary Dance: The Continuous Awakening of an Art Form

Wednesday, April 3, 2024, 3:00PM

Wednesday April 3 at 3 p.m.
No charge
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Generously supported by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Beyer

Claudia Hilda, contemporary dance

From academic and historical perspectives to personal narratives, the lecture will explore the Contemporary Dance world to inform about its history and evolution. This multilayered talk accompanied by visual material and storytelling will be an ideal opportunity to
answer questions about Contemporary dance, an art form that reinvents itself continuously. During the lecture Claudia Hilda will invite you to reflect on this dance genre as a turning point in cross-disciplinary experiences aimed towards the expansion of cultural and artistic spectrums

Claudia Hilda is a Cuban New York-based award-winning contemporary dancer and choreographer. She aims to subtlety interweave an expanded multidisciplinary practice combining performance, video art, and writing, to create art that is sensitive, reflective, and widely aware of its contemporary times. Her art claims freedom, beauty, receptiveness, innovation, and joy, yet is also an expression of combat and resistance as the gestural and visual articulation of the elsewhere communities’ languages, and fights. Hilda is an award-winning contemporary dancer, dance maker and researcher who has collaborated in neoclassical, contemporary, and conceptual pieces with international creators and performed in major theatres around the world.