Schubert Revealed III

Sunday, March 12, 2023

“Schubert Revealed,” a festival featuring three performances organized by Wu Han with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. “This festival looks at Schubert from three perspectives: the relationship between his incomparable lieder and his instrumental music; his influences and their effect on his compositions; and the consequence of his last efforts, which afforded him, eventually, the immortality he hoped so dearly for, and a secure place in the Pantheon of musical gods.” – Wu Han

Schubert Revealed III

While much of the classical music canon is truly great, some works cross the artistic line into the realm of the transcendental. Schubert’s final piano trio (1827) which opens this program was the most massive and emotionally deep chamber work in the genre, comparable only to Beethoven’s final piano trio of 1811 (the “Archduke”). And to close this festival, we offer perhaps the most universally revered chamber music work ever composed, Schubert’s Cello Quintet, completed on his deathbed and filled with music so overwhelming that one can only wonder what the composer could have given us had he lived past the age of 31.


Wu Han, Piano

Benjamin Beilman, Violin

Paul Huang, Violin

Guillermo Figueroa, Viola

David Finckel, Cello

Keith Robinson, Cello

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