Schubert Revealed II

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

“Schubert Revealed,” a festival featuring three performances organized by Wu Han with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. “This festival looks at Schubert from three perspectives: the relationship between his incomparable lieder and his instrumental music; his influences and their effect on his compositions; and the consequence of his last efforts, which afforded him, eventually, the immortality he hoped so dearly for, and a secure place in the Pantheon of musical gods.” – Wu Han

Schubert Revealed II

Little Franz Schubert (he was barely five feet tall) observed the towering composers of his time and drew inspiration from their works. The ever-present giant in his life was Ludwig van Beethoven, his idol both artistically and as a composer of lasting consequence. Schubert was also duly entranced by the virtuosity and lyrical wizardry of Niccolò Paganini, who led Schubert to believe that nothing was impossible on the violin.


Wu Han, Piano

Paul Huang, Violin

Guillermo Figueroa, Viola

David Finckel, Cello


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