Revisited: English Stately Homes – Julian Fellowes

Welcome to The Society of the Four Arts’ Revisited podcast. Join us as we revisit prominent lectures given at The Four Arts over the past 30 years and discuss them from a contemporary perspective.

Season 3, Episode 1: English Stately Homes – Julian Fellowes (1994) – Duchess of Rutland

In this episode, Sofia Vollmer Maduro and the Duchess of Rutland delve into Julian Fellowes’ insightful 1994 lecture on the grandeur of English stately homes and the affluent lifestyle of the early 19th century. They explore the evolution of these majestic estates, highlighting the changes in the roles and purposes of these properties over time, while also noting the aspects of aristocratic life that have remained constant. This episode offers a fascinating comparison of past and present, shedding light on the enduring legacy of England’s rich historical heritage, as seen through the Duchess’ home: Belvoir Castle.

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