Lecture: Flowers: From Paint Brush to Camera Lens, A Conversation with William A. Ewing

Wednesday, January 24, 2024
No charge
Reservations required


Generously supported by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Beyer

Robert Walker, Photography

William A. Ewing is a noted author, professor, curator and museum director with fifty years of work in the field of photography. Ewing will discuss with Robert Walker how his artistic practice evolved from photographing dense cityscapes, influenced by Pop Art painters such as Rauschenberg and Rosenquist, to an engagement with nature, photographing flowers, influenced by abstract ”Color-field” painters.

Robert Walker made his reputation as a color street photographer, working mainly in New York, but also in Paris, Venice, Warsaw and Montreal. After working for decades in dense urban environments he decided he needed a new challenge and turned his focus to nature and photographed the Jardin botanique de Montréal over a period of five years.

His work has been published by Oxford University Press in a book titled New York Inside Out with an introduction by William S. Burroughs and Color is Power, published by Thames & Hudson. His photographs are included in many public and private collections.
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