“Dance Fantasy” Fred Astaire West Palm Beach

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
No charge for Four Arts members

Back by popular demand following their inspiring 2022 performance at The Four Arts, the unparalleled dancers from “Fred Astaire West Palm Beach” provide a glimpse of the elegant, exciting, and dynamic world of Ballroom and Latin dancing. This program will make you dream about the Waltz, want to try out the Tango, fancy a Foxtrot, and get excited about so many other dances. Be enticed and experience a wonder of sparkles and flourishing moves during this enchanting evening.

Generously supported by Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Forbes


Mykhailo Azarov and Anastasia Azarov, manager, producer and choreographer
Manuel Favilla and Natalia Maidiuk, dancers
Olivia Card and Anthony Kantin, dancers
Aleksandr Skriptsov and Aida Skriptsov, dancers
Ivan Kudashev and Ksusha Sokolova, dancers
Dima Pohibyl and Allie Kushnir, dancers

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