Running in Place: Scenes from the South of France

Recorded June 8, 2023

This is part of the new series, Literary Tour De France, hosted by Roberta Sabban. These programs are designed to encourage lively discussions on food and wine while offering an opportunity to explore hidden gems in the Four Arts King Library’s extensive cookbook collection.

Nicholas Delbanco’s crisp style responds to the texture of place. This book is an invitation to be his guest and share his affection for Provence. His novelist’s eye for detail, recreates the caves, vineyards, restaurant, galleries and landscape celebrated by Petrach, Cezanne Van Gogh, Camus and others. A read filled with the sunlight and joys of the south of France.

Biography: Roberta Sabban’s writing career began serendipitously at a Washingtonian Magazine cocktail party. She had been illustrating for the publication for several years and suggested a story to an editor. He said, “Why don’t you write it?”. She did. So began articles on world cuisine and culture that appeared in the Washington Post, the Washington Post Magazine, the Washington Star, Washingtonian Magazine and other culinary and lifestyle publications. She was also the food editor for five suburban newspapers around D.C.

With apartments in Paris and Luxembourg, she traveled extensively throughout Europe. Sabban has led epicurean jaunts to Paris. Vacations and business travel took her throughout Europe and to exotic ports of call including Israel, Morocco, Tunisia and Tahiti.

Sabban has been writing for the Palm Beach Daily News on food and wine since 2002.