Click here for a list of current employment opportunities.

President’s Office

  • Philip Rylands
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Cynthia Martsolf
    Executive Assistant to the President and Chairman

Finance & Administration

Gloria Ortega Rex
CPA, Director of Finance & Administration

Fine Arts

  • Rebecca Dunham
    Head of Fine Arts & Curator
  • Kristen Rudy
    Registrar and Exhibitions Coordinator


  • Sofia Vollmer Maduro
    Director of Programs
  • Donamarie Vallee
    Head of Education
  • Heidi Roth
    Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Stephanie Little-Grant
    Senior Education Associate
  • Joan Castagnetti
    Administrative Assistant
  • Whitney Schott
    Programs Associate

Patron Services

  • Debra Watson
    Director of Patron & Accounting Services
  • Tricia Laimo
    Accounting Associate
  • Connie Roma
    Administrative Associate


  • Rachel Schipper, Ph.D., MLS
    Director of Libraries
  • Susan Harris, MLS
    Head of Children’s Library
  • Samantha Merigold, MLIS
    Children’s Librarian
  • Betse Gori, MLS
  • Amanda Kiernan, MLIS
    King Library Programming Librarian
  • Phillip O’Connell
    King Library Senior Associate, Circulation and Acquisitions
  • Melissa Rubin
    Children’s Library Associate
  • Jayne Dworman
    Children’s Library Assistant

Development & Member Services

  • Nancy L. Hullihen
    Chief Development Officer
  • Melanie Goldsobel
    Head of Special Events
  • Gaby Cruz
    Special Events Associate
  • Ryan Messing
    Senior Member Services Associate
  • Ron Atkinson
    Member Services Associate

Marketing & Communications

  • David Darby
    Head of Marketing & Communications
  • Kristin Aiello
    Marketing & Communications Associate
  • Kelly Rauckhorst
    Marketing & Communications Assistant

Building and Grounds

  • Ron Minnicks
    Director of Facilities Management
  • Dan Williams
    Senior Assistant
  • Diosmel Portales

Technical Services

  • Phillip Barnes
    Director of Staging and Technical Services
  • Ben Irene
    Senior Associate
  • Elvio Salazar

Customer Service

  • Linda Araujo
    Customer Service Representative
  • Nita Dahl
    Customer Service Representative
  • Liz Lamont
    Customer Service Representative
  • Denise Metzner
    Senior Ticketing Associate
  • Carmen Undiano
    Customer Service Representative
  • Deborah Veres
    Customer Service Representative